My Thyroid got a boot up the backside recently.

Since I quit smoking on May 20th last year, I've felt like crap. Real crap. My get up and go finally got up and left. I initially blamed the cocktail of blood pressure pills I was on, but no it transpires (after a lengthy set of blood tests) that my thyroid is underperforming. Not badly, but at the low end of the scale. So Steve McDonaugh - a 'hedge pharmacist husband' recommended I go for 'Milk Thistle'. And such was my deperation that I'd try anything. I even hopped in my brand new VW Sirocco and headed 30 miles to get em.

I started on them a week ago, and havent felt better in a year. Fantastic. I'm back to my usual bouncy. irritating, working-18-hours, motivated, organised and above all sociopathic self! Yeah!

Now, if only Holland and Barnett had something to make me beautiful, and something to help me shift four stone by May.. I suspect I'm going to have to actually use the Wii Fit that I bought last year..