CyberSecurity Assessment - get yours here!

The rich are under immense pressure. Take our Sir Goodwin, recently of the Royal Bank of Scotland. He's under much criticism for his immense pension - but I say - go for it. He's managed to successfully negotiate an exit payment of several millions - and had it approved by a government minister. If the minister doesnt bother to check what he's signing, then the minister (and his government) are clearly idiots.

However, folks out there are taking a less charitable attitude to Sir Goodwin, and some ned last night heaved bricks through his window, and that of a nice Merc parked on the drive. The Police were called, and investigations are proceeding.

(Just in case the Lothian and Borders finest come across this, I was 100+ miles away last night, howling with laughter at the TV)

Piqued by the interest in this, I decided to find Sir Fred's house - which took - ohh - four minutes - on Google Maps. And then using the recent Google Streetview, I was able to admire his tennis court, the security camera overlooking the tennis court, and his tabby cat in the upper window. His lower dining room table appears to have a bunch of papers on it. and the kids trampoline in the back yard had better be moved around a bit, so the grass doesnt die underneath it. That flat roof is going to be a bugger to upkeep as it doesnt seem to have a heatshield. Prime place for solar panels too - there's a good cost saving measure for you.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Extremely rich people are far too busy hiding their millions abroad to take notice of things like Google Streetview or Google Maps. The government can lean on google like an unfriiendly planet, but common or garden millionaires cannot waste their extremely valuable tanning-time worring about this. Do you think Paris Hilton worries about DRM? No. She has people to do that for her. I hope.

So here's the offer. For an annual retainer of far far less than Sir Goodwins pension, I will actively keep tabs on your cyberpresence and do everything to limit the invasion of your privacy. It'll cost you, but its probably cheaper in the long run than replacing expensive Mercedes SL windows. And it'll be cheaper than paying IBM the rate they used to charge for me. It'd probably come out of your kidnap insurance. And since I can do this from anywhere with a reasonable broadband connection, lets do it somewhere warm and tax *cough* efficient.

Feel free to get in touch, lets talk terms.