Securing a Notes Application

Us hardworking, physically perfect, incredibly intelligent and lets not forget hot developers often have to build secure domino applications. Not for us the drudgery of typing in 'Show Tasks' every five minutes. We get to do interesting stuff!

So lets imagine that we need to do a Domino application. Internal or External. Web or otherwise. And we need to have the abillity for users to have access to private data within this application, and to be able to log in and log out. You might even want it to be web-facing and have some sort of user self-registration on there. How do we do all this in Lotus Notes ?

Firstly, we need to understand authentication and Access Control Levels. We authenticate to the server (either using a notes client and an ID file, or using a username/password via a web client) and at that point, the domino server understands exactly who we are.