Why I asked Yancy to take my Blog off PlanetLotus.org

My recent strong words regarding IBM on this blog has obviously upset certain folks within IBM. Folks, for instance, who possibly believe that they can continue to claim 'continued market growth' without actually telling any non-IBM customer about their product.

During this phase, I really didnt want to upset any 'yellow bubble' person who wanted (or desired) to keep swallowling the spin. At this time, I also came to the realisation that the 'Little Yellow Bubble' was a rather self-selecting audience in some respects. Indeed, to get onto the PlanetLotus.org blogroll, I have had to 'recommend' two folks recently. (Nothing wrong about quality control, etc).

After flirting (briefly, believe me) with high-level diplomacy in Yellow-Bubble land, I really felt that I didnt want to belong to a club that would have me as a member (to shamlessly plagarise Groucho Marx). I felt that categorising me as a planetLotus blog to a certain extent led to some self-selecting assumptions - that my head was (as a BP) stuck firmly up IBM's ass, that I wouldnt 'criticise the benefactor' (Actual language used by someone), that I might criticise in a positive way but would in no way actually go as far as rocking the boat. That I would use the word 'Cajole'.

Break those rules, and then some old farts start whining 'Why the negatiivity'. Some people might feel intimidated by that.

Well, F**K that. If after 10+ years internal 'suggestion', the Elephant still craps over me, then its going to get a damn good public thrashing. And, since the Elephant doesnt actually do anything positive to its 'channel' (Business Partners, resellers), doesnt market its product to non-customers, and the 'Little Yellow Bubble' is practically invisible outside 'the little yellow bubble', I felt there was nothing to lose.

I have been reliably informed that I will never get any question answered by anyone within IBM ever again. Nothing new there then. ;-)

Now, around that time, I asked Yancy to pull my blog from PlanetLotus. Primarily so that I didnt upset the Little Yellow Bubble - those folks who didnt specificailly subscribe to me. I figured if It wasnt a strong enough 'pull' to deserve a place on your RSS feed, then I would be little missed.

Yancy has done, and continues to do, an amazing job with PlanetLotus.org, and I heartily encourage one and all to subscribe to it. PlanetLotus.org and Yancy themselves help the community. However, sometimes, the community gets just a little too - well - clingy. Needy. A little too much 'the last of the horse-buggy manufacturers circling the horses on the advent of the Model-T'. PlanetLotus just reflects this self-serving need.

I thought I'd actually make this public before (someone else) realises that in fact I'm not on PlanetLotus.org anymore and has a go at Yancy, accusing him of something horrible. Thats not my intention, nor desire.

Perhaps at some point in the future, once the Little Yellow Bubble has shaken itself out of its self-imposed coma, and starts actually demanding stuff from the Elephant instead of meekly accepting its 'Lotus Brand Death' status - then I might ask to get back on. If it'll have me.