Mac Maintenance

I'll have been running on my MacBook pro for two years, this coming September. Not bad, eh? A Parallels partition I use for Lotus Domino Development (because Domino Designer doesnt run on the Mac) had got badly fragmented, so I thought it was about time I extracted digit and did some maintenance on the bugger.

  • I use Time Machine - the built in backup software- to back up to an Apple Time capsule device (an expensive NAS). That's unchanged.

  • Every so often, I'll use Super-Duper to image across my laptop hard drive to an external USB hard drive, just to be safe. I can then boot off that hard drive, and work as normal (which is handy should my hard drive ever go bang again).

  • I bought a copy of iDefrag to do a complete defrag on the laptop hard drive today, just to make sure. And since I'd copied across my parallels windows image to the external hard drive, I've actually booted off that and am running the image off the external hard drive, thus leaving the laptop hard drive busily defragging.

I cant imagine even beginning to try and do all of that on the other Vista Laptop. (I keep the other laptop around for testing, running skype chats and keeping the cats off the Mac keyboard. The Dell XPS Blingmaster runs a lot hotter than the mac, and is therefore a bigger and better Cat Magnet.)

Okay, so in the end this is a belt+braces approach, backing up to two separate external hard drives, and having to buy two (fairly inexpensive) system utilities. But it keeps me happy.

(Remember, all Macs are windows-certified. So if you decide that Vista (hahaha) is better, you can always wipe OS/X and install on the bare machine. Or run boot-camp- the dual boot system. Or run Parallels or Vmware Fusion to run a windows machine in a nice isolated envionment (whilst still allowing drag+drop, file sharing, isolated networks between host and guest operating systems). And PC Magazine voted the MacBook Pro the fastest Vista machine around when I first got my one. Expensive ? Only at the start.