Help a School, Win a Holiday

If you've been to any Lotus Notes conference in the last few years, you will have seen an emergence of short people. Me. Paul Mooney. Duffbert. And of course Francie. Francie lives in Anguila - an anamzing carribean island. Some things work very well, and some things work in a sort of carribean fashion. The local school, for instance, is in dire neeed of a rebuild, but the current financial crisis has screwed things up.

Local businesses - some of the best resort hotels in the carribean - have donated holidays. And so - to help the school, you have to buy a raffle ticket.

There's monthly draws, and the first draw is on Friday. So RUN, dont walk, and buy your raffles here

A mere fifty bucks - which lets face it we used to light our cigars a few months ago - might seem like a lot right now. Its an enormous amount to these kids. And it has a one in not-a-lot chance of winning a truly amazing holiday.