Oh dear. More negative threads popping up

Shh - dont tell the little yellow bubble - but Linked In discussion kinda echos the discussion around here.

Sigh. I'd really hoped that my 'I'm leaving the little yellow bubble' might actually spur IBM into some action. (Actually the more I look at that statement, the more stupid that my actions seem. 'Spur IBM into action'. I've been workiing for or around IBM since 1995, and I've never seen them actually be spurred into anything). That appears not to have happened. I'd rather hoped that 70 responses here (not all supportive), and another 50+ in my inbox might be used by some factions within IBM to promote change. Nope. Perhaps the linkedin.com discussion above might do the trick ? I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath.

Instead, we have this entire 'Why doesnt IBM try and save its business (and mine!)' thread characterised as 'negative' and that 'I'm going off in a huff'. The funniest thing was:

from Sam Gusterson. Loved it. Sam - I salute your humour. Nice one.