Twitter - or how to spell 'hypocrite '

Around last May - coming up for a year ago - I had the pleasure of attending Admin/Dev 2008 and presenting. During the normal after-party carnage (where we persuaded some pretty lasses that Mooney was an Irish Porn Star), Alan Lepofsky talked a lot about Twitter. Being the sort of reasonable, open minded person that I am - NOT - I loudly exclaimed that Twitter was the bowel movement of Web 2.0. A bunch of ASW (look it up) all telling each other when they get on or off a plane, or what they had to eat.

Why waste attention span on that drivel ? Havent we all got enough distractions in life ?

Well, after that I was somewhat prodded by the aforementioned Mooney (who we shall now conceide is not actually an Irish Porn Star, but a hard working, smart, good friend. He's not good looking anymore though) into joining Twitter. Of course, I wasnt going to use my actual Name - I was going to lurk for a while. And so I joined up as U235. Which is one of a few things:

And so forth.

And so I lurked and lurked and lurked. Every so often a nugget of information would actually appear. More often than not, some brainless idiot would do a play-by-play tweet of some US baseball game much to the annoyance of everyone, and get unfollowed. Diplomatic flashpoints, hurricanes, ferry boat near misses - all played their part.

And so recently, I finally came out and announced to the world (the ones who'd not guessed already) that I was in fact - U235.

So what is twitter ? I think I've figured this out. eMail - what little actual eMail that works anymore (damn spammers!) is a person to person, possibly confidential and work related thing. Mostly. I then use Skype for closed-room discussions. Over at hadsl, for instance, we've used a skype conversation since 2003 to run our business on. This is handy for venting, as you know all the people present. Twitter is in fact a night down the pub with 3,000,000 mates. You hear snippets of conversation and decide to join in. Most of the time, as youd anticipate, its just a waterfall of complete drivel. But sometimes - perhaps once an hour, something amazing happens.

But dont take my word for it. Go try it yourself. I have twitter running on my iPhone, my Bold, my Mac, my Vista Laptop. So its pretty pervasive.