In transit for the next few days

Tomorrow, I pick up my old dad from the Airport in Weegee land (Glasgow) and take him home to the Isle of Skye. Then drive back home, and then onto Edinburgh. Which doesnt sound much. But its about 1,000 miles across Scotland, in the middle of an Ice-storm. This should really push my Advanced Driving techniques to the limit.. ;-)

I'm still carless - but more about that later - and so I've had to hire from Hertz again. Last time, I rented a Ford and got an Alfa Brera. Lovely car. Lets see what happens this time when I spend another 20 quid and push onto the 'premier' class of car. Hey. You going to drive 1,000 miles in three days, I want something that heats my backside..

Blog still bust - and will be till the weekend. Its been busy..