How can you help the folks who've been laid off ?

Another shock to the system - another goodbye eMail from a friend at Lotus. Another victim of the 'random IBM job terminator'. Somewhere in Armonk, someone's green fees needed paying, right ? Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

So how can we help the folks we know, who've been laid off ? Go and write them a glowing reference in LinkedIn for a start. It takes minutes and it might mean the difference between making the cut for an interview, and not making a cut. Do it now. If that person made a differnce to you - you owe it to them to make a difference for them. Pay back now.

I also received this :

I just wanted to let you know that we're offering anyone who has been made redundant due to the current economic situation a free copy of Flex Builder.

If you or someone you know is currently unemployed and would like to learn Flex/AS3 then please get in touch with me for a Flex Builder license and some learning resources... we're continuing to see demand for Flex developers, so hopefully we can help out and you can learn some new skills.


Twitter: @ashorten



Andrew Shorten

Platform Evangelist, Adobe

This is a fantastic offer - 180 quid worth of Flex builder for free. And Flex is excellent! All of that Rich Internet Application stuff without all that mucking around in server technology, Javascript and bad debuggers. No more browser or OS dependancies. Imagine - writing decent internet applications without ever having to hack IE bugs again ? You can see why I love it.

It is also a fantastic piece of thinking. All these technical folks hitting the market, trying to reskill. Who's application platform will they go for? Very smart. Smarter than the current IBM redundancy process, thats for sure.

(And no I dont want a free copy of IBM Portal Workplace Express Instant Messaging 2.0 Mail Server Professional Uhurdu Edition, thank you very much)