The Lotus Brand Report - UK 2009

Its been a busy 12 months for us Lotii here in the UK. Lotusphere comes to you, the fantastic success of UKLUG, the release of 8.5.1, and now sametime 8.5. The launch of the worldwide 'LotusKnows' campaign (though not yet launched here in the UK). How has that been reflected in the on-line publications?


  • Enfant terrible - The Register - has 19 articles this year that mentions 'Lotus Notes' of which no more than a handful are even vaguely positive.  El Reg claims to be the most-read IT publication here in the UK, and I cant think of any reason why thats not correct. If you want to see the horrible underbelly - the forums - there are more Lotus Notes comments, but few are positive. 
  • The grand old daddy of IT Publications - Computing - has 16 articles. Again, a handful are positive ones for Lotus notes.
  • Slashdot - worldwide font of all tech gossip - had three mainline stories in 2009. 57 since 1998.


So there you have it. 38 articles, out of the tens of thousands published on these sites. One could draw conclusions about mindshare, leadership, communication, marketing, brand awareness, but I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.