The Lotusfear 2010 Hog Ride and Roast

Last year, a few intrepid souls bimbled out to the Eagle Rider Harley Rental and got some bikes. Dwight actually rode his triumph down from Dallas. And we had a good 180 mile ride out on a cold, fresh January morning. 

This year, I'm recommending folks rent from Orlando Harley as they're closer to LotusFear - we just spent a long time poodling over to the Florida Mall last year. And last year, we ended up having to put the hammer down (in as much as thats possible) to get back before closing time. So this year, pick up on the Saturday morning, drop off on Sunday night. 

Paul Mooney - a god among elves and admins and other woodland folk - is joining us, so we have to be on our best behaviour. Suggestion is to head to Cocoa beach, then Canaveral, visiting as many Hooters restaurants as possible. Sunday we may go west to Tampa, where the rules on nude dancing are somewhat relaxed.

Same as last time - no drunk driving - and put 'Buchan Lotusphere party' on the rental form for a 10% discount.

And this year, I thought I'd treat myself to this:

A few tips:


  • Its a lot colder than you'd expect in Florida on an open-top bike. Last year I'd to duct-tape my jacket shut. So gloves, decent wind-resistant trousers, heavy jacket. 
  • They supply helmets but only of the pudding bowl variety. So a pair of sunglasses and a bandana will keep your lower face from freezing off
  • There are no corners in florida. Locals actually stop their cars and push them left or right at intersections. Leaning over is unheard of. It can get a little - well Karaoke - as you try and stay focused. Practice a few songs. It'll come in handy for Kimonos
  • Pillions are always welcome, but I would say that most of us Yurpians are inexperienced at US roads, and your chances of being smooshed under a bus are far higher.