Twas the last friday before Christmas and...

All through the land, a little snow fell. This land, having little truck with customer service, planning or indeed investment, ground to a halt.
From my vantage here at London gatwick, I could probably go one step father and predict a riot. There are 60+ flights on the board, most cancelled or delayed. Nothing has moved in an hour. Deep joy. Standing room only and the toilets are starting to back up.
Airport stewards are shouting AT folks, waving bits of paper. But. The worst thing is that the complete idiots who run this mess thought putting on karaeoke would help. Yes. Screaming kids and pub singing.

I am in hell.

Update: 80 minutes later, sitting on the plane, admiring the immense two inches of snow which caused the utter disruption. You have to be proud, really. A first world country would have invested, trained, planned. A third world would have the manpower to cope. Clearly I am in a shit-world country.

Update 2: Finally made it home at 8.30pm, only 8 or so hours after leaving the office. I could have taken a train. Lesson ? Don't try and commute through the worst holiday flight day and worst weather day in the year.