A Pox on all NAS devices!

Moores Law states that CPU power will double every 18 months and half in price. Hard drives havent really kept up with this rate of performance increase (and I'm not rich enough to buy SSD yet), but have came down in price. Our local Tesco's for instance, sells 1tb USB hard drives for £65. Very cheap. And now you have to consider that just about every household out there have these drives kicking around. Some households have multiple computers and currently use wifi for networking between them.

So how do you back up your 300gb Music collection, your 100gb photo collection, and the two machines on your network ?


Even the 'plug-in-the-USB' port devices take over 15 hours to copy 1tb of drive. Currently, I'm moving stuff from older USB drive storage in the back of machines into NAS devices:

  • A Netgear ReadyNas Duo Device (running the latest firmware) with two fast 1tb drives in it

  • FreeNas - a free NAS set of utilities, hosted on one of my VMWare ESX 4i servers.

I'm looking at 4 days to copy 1.5tb of stuff around. Honestly!

Surely there's faster solutions around ? Or do I just rip the drives out of the NAS devices and put em back into the Windows 2003 servers I have ?

Extra points for a Mac AND PC solution (three Macs in this house, one Vista PC, one Netware 7, one XP, and four Windows 2003/8 servers)