Fit Like Quine, diya wint a Mac?

Living near Aberdeen (well, Between Dundee and Aberdeen) is somewhat like the Oregon trail was around the end of the 18th century. You really had to have a good reason to live there because you missed out on things. Civilisation, for instance. Shopping. The ability to see things such as theater or bands (We only get the really hardy or desperate bands up here). And since its a wee inward-facing city, there's a real 'Little House on the Prairie' thing going on. For instance the local job market is referred to as 'The Magic Roundabout" as its full of the same people just hopping between companies. The local radio station - Northsound - is called 'Radio Fit-Like'..

Now before folks start climbing down my throat here, I must point out that I was Born in Aberdeen, grew up in Fraserburgh (just north of Aberdeen) and left for Edinburgh University in 1984. I then came back from Edinburgh and worked in Aberdeen in the early nineties, and then a couple more stints around 2000. I feel I can make this observation.

Well, all that isolation is going to change. Well, change a little bit. Why ? There's a new Apple Store opening in Aberdeen! Yay! The second in Scotland. No longer do I have to trek two hours to Glasgow (as I did this weekend to lust at the 27" iMac "Jumbotron"). I can instead spend 40 minutes on the train and walk straight to the store without suffering the 'inclement' weather that so characterises Aberdeen. (If you have the misfortune of not living in Aberdeen, you can visit to see perhaps the worst-designed road system in the world. One so bad that it inspired Chrisopher Brookmyer to write 'A Big Boy did it and Ran Away' - about a man so hacked off with the roads in Aberdeen that he became an international terrorist. Surprisingly, this is actually a work of fiction).

Its a wonderful feeling. Its like civilisation is finally catching up with me. Only delivery food, fast internet and a decent train service to go!