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I'm an o2 customer. I have three iPhones, a 3g card, and my home broadband through them. And when (if?) they get it right, they're okay. However, I spend most of time in London at the office, and the office is in the middle of town. For the last three months, the 3g network has basically been unavailable. Telephone calls, support calls, support eMails - all - no response. I then sent this:

Honestly, I've spent many miserable hours listening to the o2 music on
hold, and would rather circumcise myself with a rusty knife.

Do you have an email address for them?

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On 15 Oct 2009, at 17:03, o2referrals wrote:

> Good Evening Bill


> I'm sorry to know that you're currently experiencing loss of 3G

> Service at your area.


> Bill, I request you to call our network services team for help with

> this matter. They'll be able to help you with your concerns. Please

> call them on 08705 214 000. They're available at all times and calls

> are charged at national rate.


> I appreciate your patience with this matter.


> Kind Regards


> Nayan Lahary

> Business Customer Service


Unsurprisingly the Network Services team at O2 dont actually have an eMail address. What do I have to do to get a mobile phone carrier to accept that their 3g coverage - in central London is crap ? What hope do I have that my House in rural scotland might ever have 3g service ? (This was the same O2 who's local mast went down for 3 days and didnt notice..)

I think Oftels' next on my list.