Off to meet Obi-Wan...

A year ago I thought I'd treat myself to some laser eye surgery. Wearing glasses in a motorcycle helmet is not great, especially in wet conditions, and I was looking forward to not having to squint through lenses for the first time since I was about 10. It wasnt successful last time - some scar tissue appeared and pushed my lens out of shape - so here I am, back again, getting a re-tread.

Its not painful - it isweird - your bodies response to try and protect your eye is very strong - and post-operation, the eye is dry and sore for a few days.

I paid a little more and got a lifetime warranty - highly recommended - so that as you get older and your eyesight changes, they'll do me again for no charge. I'll keep you posted on the fun..

The timeline looks like:

  • Final check (that the prescription hasnt changed, no damage to the eye - on top of a complete check last week) - at 10.30am. First set of drops adminstered.

  • 11.20 - into the pre-op room for final round of paperwork, more drops

  • 11.30 - onto the table, final confirmation, pre-op chat, operation

  • 11.45 - off of table, into recovery room. Eye feels like a rough stone (no pain). Recovery room is a low chair with dim lighting where I basically sit for 20 or so minutes

  • 12.05 - eye surgeon performs a post-op check - everything okay. I wander out of eye clinic, clutching my doggie bag of eye drops.

  • 13.40 - on the train back up north, eye difficult to open, watering. I can see out of it -though things are slightly blurry and 'whitened' which is normal with the op and the drops.

  • 14.45 - administer my first set of drops (2 days every two hours) - which rather puts the chap opposite me on the train off his lunch. Wuss.

  • 15.00 - 17.00 - eyes watering a lot, get back to the house, lie in darkened room for a while, administer second set of drops, fall asleep. (It was a 2am bedtime and 5.30am start for me today)

  • 18.16 - now - eye feeling only slightly dry, no bloodshot, and in fact the cut on the surface is not visible. Meh.

  • For the next week, I get to wear a plastic pirate patch to bed, so I dont roll on my eye and open the flap on my cornea before its healed. Arrrr.

    Now I can see out of both eyes at 20/20-ish vision, although the right eye is still a little blurry and whitened. That should diminish over the next few days. I have a check-up tomorrow again, and one next week. And that should be that.

    Is it painful ? No - the operation itself is fine. Afterwards, its uncomfortable. I wouldnt recommend getting both eyes done at the same time - that would be really uncomfortable, for sure.

    It is completely funky and weird, though. Very strange, having someone poke around in your eye. Your entire body is screaming 'NOOOOOOO'. I guess its a little like bungee jumping..