UKLUG was fantastic....

Just back from UKLUG. I'm clinically dead. Highlights:

  • Edinburgh delivered. Its a fantastic place and everyone I talked to really enjoyed tramping around and exploring. The hotel - the SAS Raddison - was pricey but good. Three nights running, we finished up at 5am in the bar, and the staff could not have been more attentive.

  • Warren and Kitty did a top-rate job of organising the conference, the Audio/visual, the agenda, the timetable, the meal. Proof ? The closing session was full - no-one sloped off early for a beer or two, even on a Friday afternoon.

  • Steve McDonagh and his infamous stories. Rob Novak fountained beer out of his nose, SWMBO almost died in a coffee shop, Eileen Fitzgerald had trouble breathing and Julian almost died of toxic shock. Stunning guy, a joy to present with. You'll hear much much more from this chap, I'm sure. Think of him as Paul Mooneys evil uncle.

  • Coatsie was the honorary bouncer again. No-one messes with Coatsie.

  • The Annual 'Dev vs Admin' shout-off (two rooms hurling abuse at each other) was easily won this year by the Developers. Of course.

  • I have to get more than 9 hours sleep in four days.

  • Paul Mooney - as usual - delivered far far too much, slept far too little, worked his ass off.

  • Darren and Tim Clarke of IBM UK were there, and Lots of IBM US turned up to deliver content, talk to senior customers. The support was incredible.

I have to go now and collapse..