Viva El Presidente!

The three surviving Ex-presidents (Ronald Regan passed away after battling Altzheimers), President George W Bush, and President-elect Obama had lunch yesterday at the White House. This is some sort of rutual where the newbie presumably gets hazed - but in a presidential way. Head down the toilet bowl, Atomic Wedige and the 'Area 51 Shaggy Dog Story', that sort of stuff.


Now one does not wish to denegrate the office of the President in any way, but this photo is crying out for captions, right?

From my point of view, we have:

  • G Bush (sn) to Obama - "And then we steamed up the Basra road and only stopped when.."

  • Obama: Uh-hu

  • President George Bush: Look! Squirrels!

  • Bill Clinton: (grinning) And there's the cupboard over there... Mm....

  • J Carter: Oh for Gods Sake Bill, put it back in yout pocket! Where's Hillary when you need her!