The 11 Commandments

The 11 Commandments went down a storm. Its difficult to see why - Paul Mooney and I were up against hard (and sexy) tech, very talented speakers, and so forth. But it seemed to hit a chord with the delegates. And I think I've figured out why.

In the coming year or so, we're all under HUGE pressure to cut costs, be better, row harder, etc. We all know the technology and we have demonstrated that we can learn more. But the meta-information that we delivered - information ABOUT being a good Developer or Administrator - might really help some folks out there.

This is why Eileen Fitzgerland ITIL session went down a storm. How to implement and survive ITIL - is important. This is why the session was packed.

And heres' one more think. Be more positive. Especially Administrators. Only shoot something down if you have a better suggestion. Its not a bad rule. And no-one wants to be the 'first asshole out the door', right ?

The closing session at Lotusphere - the Boston Philharmonic conductor basically told us to be positive - struck a chord with me. No Blame, Positivity, Clarity - might all help in the forthcoming bloodbath.

Be careful out there.