The 11 Commandments are over..

Phew, Paul Mooney and I finished the second showing of the 11 commandments in a very very hot room. I'm just wringing out my shirt now (eeeeuu). As usual, we're both blown away by how many people wanted to actually come along and listen to us blather on. Pauls stuff, as usual, is far better rehearsed, timed, and delivered than mine, so I had to resort to dirty tricks and crude jokes to get laughs. I'm sure it'll be up on Pauls site in PDF format soon, but dont hassle him as he's the busiest guy in the universe right now. Today is especially bad. Paul's a very cool guy who just works excepionally hard on everything - I really am jealous of his stamina. B*stard. ;-)

Before that, I had the great pleasure of listening to Jason Hook talk about Mobile App development from a domino perspective. Good, solid stuff. Then I went to listen to Eileen Fitzgerald talk about ITIL - which should have been boring. Not at all. Eileen really presented well.

Myself, I'm hosting a speedgeeking session tonight - dev tips - and then attending the TeamStudio Spotlight awards presentation. And hopefully the winner (and finalists) wil be in the room so that all us judges can shake their hands, and tell them how much of a smartarse they are. Seriously good entries this year and the winner just blew us away. And I'm soooo itching to tell everyone who it is, but I cant (and shouldnt). Ooooo... ;-)

BlackBerry have had a very good show and its their party tonight - traditionally one of the best. Cool chaps - go visit their stand.

And yesterday two separate Lotus VP's had long and sensible chats with me about DXL round-tripping. I can state for the record that these folks are very aware of the desire for this to work properly.

And Ed Brill caught me this morning at 7am (just a few hours after being put to bed) and gave me a paddington hard stare over my Bob P post - as he should have. First time I've seen Ed this show (Shows you how busy he is!), and he's looking sharp in a new suit. Whereas I look like a blob in a white shirt.