Damn, and I so wanted to dislike him...

Damn. I so wanted to hate Bob P - the new CEO of Lotus. Ever since Zoller, we've wanted our Lotus CEO dude to be smart, a programmer, a genius. And this new guy - who had been in for eight months already without making a ripple - seemed like easy meat. I mean - he was supposed to come from 'Sales and Marketing'. D'oh. Dumb and Dumber.

But, I was wrong. And in this case, I love being wrong. A very very old IBM source who started in 'Embedded Systems' (Ask your mum) said that he started with Bob P and he was the smartest guy he knew. This is not something that comes easy from those lips.

And then two separate sources - two impeachable sources - stated that Bob P had done 'Minnie the Moocher' in Kimonos. The hardest, hardest song from the 'Blues Brothers'. One that Cab Calloway - a genius of his time - strugged with. (Update: It just struck me. Here's the CEO of Lotus. In a bar. With his customers. Singing. I mean. Wow. Prevous incumbents havent done this. )

Zoiks. Wrong, And this wrong. Wronger than a room manager putting Nathan Freeman and Vowe in rooms opposite each other in the same corridor.

Okay. I'm impressed. Lets see what this young chap can do. Lets see if he can do 'Marketing'. Lets see if he can do 'Yurope'.

Hope. Thats a good word for today.