Top Gear, the Stig and the beach party.

It has came to my attention dear American readers, that even though you get BBC McMerica (BBC but with all the long words taken out) here in WalmartLand, you dont actually view it. Shocking given the level of rubbish pumped into your eyeballs by the likes of Fox (ran by an Australian), ABC (Ran by a Mouse) and whomever else. I mean - you have the choice of burgers or steak, and you choose burgers. Amazing people.

Because of this gaping hole in your education (and not the only one. Check out: Geography, when you have a spare year or so), you've not see Top Gear, the words best TV program. Only vaguely about cars, its about 'Cocking About'. Cocking about of olymian standards. Class. And one of the characters in Top Gear is called The Stig

To celebrate actually receiving my stuff yesterday, I put on my motorcycle gear (and helmet) and clomped around the beach party with 'Stig' on my namebadge. And only us Brits and Europeans got it. Shame on you America. Time to boost your learning to higher standards.

Look, I realise I have to make it easy for you, else it'll never happen. So here's an exceptional part, where they build a space shuttle. Out of a car. Go here

I look upon this as my mission now - to show everyone in North American that (a) there is a world outside the continental US and (b) we're pretty damn good at TV.