Lotusphere Day zero: Business Development Day

I'm not an official Lotus Blogger, so here's my unprofessional view on BDD day.

  • ceo-lotus.jpg
    BDD day is for Business Partners - us brave souls who PAY IBM for the pleasure of being treated like dirt. Sorta the Max Mosley of the software world. Anywhoo. New Boss, Bob P talked for a while, using sentences of 30+ words, comprising most of the diagonal lines of BuzzWord Bingo. I was going to shout 'House' at some stage. Very practiced speaker - in fact I'd actually say over-rehearsed. And when he spoke, it just said 'Goodfellas' to me.

  • New stuff - two announcements for tomorrow that you'll all find out about.

  • The best part so far - Bruce and Matt - Elguij sofware and LinkJam - won the breakout technology award! Yay! And all without using the word 'Portal' - amazing!

  • Then a chap called Crummey did a presentation where most of the demos just died. He soldiered on - good guy, good presenter, and we watched pre-canned demos.. Poor sod.

  • Alaistair Rennie then did a panel - one chap looked like Peter Parker, someone else, and our very own Mary Beth Raven. Thak god she stood up and spoke, was interesting, finally breathed some life into the room. Thank god.

And then I left. Peeled off my BDD sticker, and went for Lunch - unmolested - in the Dolphin.