Hawg Ride and Roast!

Five bikes (and seven people) set out. And all returned. It was cold, very cold, at 9am. BA hadnt delivered my bag, so there I was in a light leather jacket (that I couldnt close and stuck together with two strips of Duct Tape), fingerless gloves, no socks, trainers, Chinos, and a pudding bowl helmet from Eagle Rider. It was very cold. But we headed East, into the sun, down 192 to Melbourne, where we found a very nice Hooters restaurant. Good food. Then up to Coco beach to walk on the sand, grab a coffee, and scream back to Orlando for 5pm, along the turnpike.


Excellent 180 mile day where I - me! - navigated (and got lost), shook a piece of my bike off with engine vibration ("Popular with the Laaaaadddddyyyyy's, eh?") and rode a Harley for the first time.

(I'll post a decent entry with pictures and a map when I have more than five minutes)