DXL Round Trippin...

Remember this?

Did you know that the first DXL toolkit came out for Notes/Domino v5? 7 or 8 YEARS ago ? And was built into version 6.0. And still has issues (where it crashes the client, etc) on exporting or importing DXL ? This is the most voted for ideajam entry - and yet - here we are - a year on since it was proposed - with no progress.

If your at lotusphere this year, any time you speak to ANY IBM person, just say ' And I'd like you to fix DXL round-tripping'. Perhaps then IBM would allocate far more resource to this - currently only ONE person is trying to fix all this - and then we could do amazing things. We could even start off by trusting DXL to work without red-boxing our clients and servers.

Lets see if IBM get this 'Listen' part of this 'collaboration' they have with us, eh ? (Am I angry about this ? Hell, YEAH!)