The Annual Microsoft Spoiler

This week, unconfirmed rumours seem to point to the Annual Microsoft Lotusphere Spoiler being:


Bob Picciano - the new CEO of Lotus - is actually Steve Balmers lovechild with Ada Lovelace - the computing legend best known for the invention of brass register. This means that the venerable and much respected Lotus Notes product will actually be quietly shelved in favour of PROFS, the newly resurgent IBM Mainframe based green-screen character based eMail system.

Steve Ballmer is quoted as saying: "I Am Not Evil".

Can you do better? Go and create an outlandish MS Spoiler for Lotusphere - the more ridiculous the better. Because, believe me, nothing we can possibly imagine will come close to the stupidity that Redmond will attempt.. Big Tip-o-the-hat to Jack Dausman and Paul Mooney for kicking this off.