Mac: coconutBattery

I love me mac. Have I mentioned this before ? Why ? Because there's a lot of very small, very focused, very functional and very beautiful applications out there for it. For instance CoconutBattery tells you how your battery's doing. It told me that I'd cycled the battery 117 times, that the battery was 17 months old and its maximum charge was around 79%, which isnt bad. I dont do anything special - i just leave it plugged in all the time.

If this was a windows PC from Dell say (my prevous tech pornographer du jour), I'd have a utility that didnt work, but had an update on the Dell website, which didnt let me download or install, till I'd upgraded the bios and rebooted a couple of times. And then wouldnt work. But its a mac, so I download it, run it, decide wthether to copy it to my applications folder or not, and thats it.

All you folks wresting with Vista, having to 'love it' through gritted teeth because you have to, or because you think Macs are somehow Gay Because They Used To Be - your now looking down the loaded barrel of Windows 7. Its version number is '6.1'. Vistas version number is '6.0'. Windows 7 isnt even a significant release

Just get your sorry asses down the Mac Store nearest you, and give in. You know it'll happen soon enough..

Move towards the light.... Move towards the light...