Worst Practices

In January, at LotusFear 2008, Paul Mooney and I stated that we were not going to do Worst Practices during Lotusphere 2009 (how presumptuous that we thought we even had the chance to!) - because it needed a year off to 'rest'. It actually gets harder and harder to find really funny stories to tell, as we've covered the majority of customer screwups failures that we know of. (We now meet people who have a combination of failures.. )

Perhaps next year, it might be up for inclusion again.

(Of course, if IBM were to send the Learjet to pick us up, provide a suite (each! Paul Refuses to *ever* share *again*), and an endless supply of beer and hookers, I'm sure we could reconsider. But I somehow think the chances of this happening will be close to zero.. ;-) )