Its official: Meltdown

Meltdown.pngAnd there you have it. The tech market is in freefall, and traders are fleeing to old companies such as MSFT and IBM. Mind you, even they are affected - MSFT down to £25 and IBM down to $114. RIM has taken a severe battering - coming down from $150 earlier this year to $61. Apple down to $104 at one stage, despite almost touching $200 earlier in the year.

Why is Apple in freefall, after selling even more iPhones, iTunes, Apps, Macboocs than ever before ? Oh yeah. Cos 'Steve Jobs Looks a Bit Thin'. Right. Send Jobs over to me for four weeks, I'll pork the little sod back up to fighting strength. A diet of beer and deep fried mars bars will sort him out.

Remember we all did that financial planning and bought those nice pensions that the financial advisor made a fortune from ? Well. They're toast. We'd be beter off stuffing money in an old buscuit tin under our beds. Well, thank you, "Masters of the Universe", you sleasy bunch of corrupt insider-trading, short selling scumbags, for taking us all down with you. And the politicians ? All failed lawyers and accountants? Vote for idiots, and you get idiots. (Though in our case, we didnt vote for Brown, we inherited the one-eyed miserable son of the manse..)

Look forward to working well into your seventies, whilst defending your job from being outsourced.