TV: The Riches

In Blockbuster last friday, and came across a box set of The Riches, series 1. Okay. It stars Eddie Izzard (the famously transvestite English comedian), and the basic premise is that a family of 'Irish Travellers' decide to 'steal the American Dream'. And god, its funny. Each episode seems to deconstruct a facet of American society. I've just watched series one (13 episodes) in under four nights - a record for me.

Go check it out. Its that unusual thing: Funny, intelligent TV that actually makes a point.

Here's Eddie's monologue on 'The Death Star Canteen'. Done with Lego. Which has nothing to do with The Riches.

Oh. it contains a swearword or two. So you folks at work with kids or fundamentalists might not want to watch.