UKLug wrap-up.

I finally got back home late last night (Saturday), and spent most of today digging receipts out of pockets. I've been on the road for two weeks, and been to the Hague, Bracknell, Munich, and finally London for UKLug. 5 flights, and three drives between my House and the London Area - about 1,500 miles. Phew. In Busses, Vans, cars, tubes, trains, planes, boats (though it wasnt in water). I'm really looking forward to actually spending two nights in the same place.

UKLug was actually - fantastic. Granted, I helped out by driving a van down and back, but this was to save poor Warren the nightmare of finishing Collaboration University on Wednresday PM, flying to Edinburgh, Picking up a van (and packing it with 2 tonnes of stuff) and then driving back down to London again. I really didnt help much during the conference, as I wasnt really part of it. All credit really goes to Warren, Paul Mooney (or 'Mr Agenda'. A poorly dressed version of Eileen..), Matt, Kerr, Liz and Rob Novak and lots of other people who I've forgotten. As both a sponsor (The HADSL stand was manned by Big Tony and Richard), and as a speaker (I did my 'devblast' and 'web services' sessions), I think the event was extremely well ran and managed. The venue was fantastic, and the venue staff couldnt really do more for us (I was stuffing bags on Wednesday afternoon).

I'd like to personally thank the UKLug crew for all their hard, unpaid work for organising and running this event. Really. I hope your respective companies appreciate your spare time efforts - we certainly do.