802, iPhone and iNotes lite...

This is odd - no-one else seemed to have commented on the Notes 8 mail template improvements, specifically those aimed at iPhone users. In 802. Yes. The shipping version. This is a story that Ed's been trying to tell for a while. Remember, this is a WEB application. So noting to install on the iPhone aside from a URL and a username/password. So far so very simple.

A quick run through: We open up safari on the iPhone: 48 +0100-1.png

In this case, I dont have session authentication switched on.This is the iphone version of the 'butt ugly username and password dialog box' that most browsers have: 58 +0100-1.png

And now we get the iNotes opening screen: 43 +0100-1.png

Lets see our inbox. Usual stuff in there - junk mail, hotel stuff, flame wars, stuff from IBM Partnerworld (note how I have carefully not categorised those). 31 +0100-1.png

Lets open the IBM Partnerworld mail. They're hugely interesting, and usually the first thing I read every morning. 19 +0100-1.png

Hot -dang - a dude in a suit. Retro. Not like *our* ibm guys, who are too cool for suits. (I mean, suits. I guess the DB2 guys have suits. The iSeries guys probably have suits). 24 +0100-1.png

Anywhoo, the iphone can be tilted... Showing us another incredibly successful dude in a suit. Cool. 39 +0100-1.png.

Now here's one of the bits that had worried me greatly. The Contacts: 32 +0100-1.png

It had worried me as I hadnt realised that you can actually call and eMail right from there. Ohhh. Nice. Thanks for that.

So. Its shipping NOW. And guess what - I'm sure you have a bunch of c-level guys with iPhones. Guess what. You can use this as an excuse to (a)suck up to the boss and (b) get a great new version of Domino. So. Cool on a bunch of fronts.

Performance. Now. I live in a small cardboard box in the middle 't road, so I dont get 3g. But here in deepest Bracknell, the 'california' of the UK (in terms of software development, not the weather, food, transport, babes, bars, drugs - hell, really NOTHING else!), I get 3g. So each time I hit that button, its about a second round tripping to and from the server. Which is NOT bad at all, believe me. On GPRS (9.6k..), its a lot longer. Whether its usable or not depends on how important this mail is, and how impatient your users are. Suck it and see, really.

Hopefully, the mail experience on the iPhone can get even better than this. So that syncronisation happens, contacts are synced with the iPhone address book and so forth. But hey, its a keeper right now. So kudos to Lotus for delivering this one.