Washing my knickers in the sink...

Just spent a glorious couple of days in The Hague, catching up with Coatsie (and going to his new pub - Choices, which really is excellent. The food is to die for. I had possibly the best piece of Angus beef in years. Think 'Really Good English Food' and your there.

I was over visiting my old friend Wouter Aukema of Trust Factory, the chaps that build DNA. Possibly the best ever Domino analysis tool. Ever. I mean it. Check it out. Wouter is one of these amazing chaps who can think in multiple dimensions, so any conversation wih him is going to be good.

Late yesterday, one of our new customers called and required my presence in Englanshire. And given the lack of notice and whatnot, it was more convenient to just come here straight from Holland. However, I didnt anticipate these extra couple of days, so hence the title. I really am washing my knickers in the sink. You see, folks think its all business class (easyjet for me), 5 star hotels (The Travellodge in Bracknell. Christ), Chauffer driven cars (Crappy Ford Rental), cocaine (I'm pretty much addicted to Barocca these days) and hookers - 21 years married. So here am I, a sad burnt out geek in a sad little hotel in a sad little town in a sad little country. Sigh.

But the good news of course, is that we HADSL bods are incredibly busy. New release coming soon (with amazing Flex goodness), new government customers (that even I'm not allowed to know about) and so forth. Life as they say, is good. Clean knickers, however, is better.. ;-)