Domino 8.5 Beta 2: My enthusiasm has finally kicked in.

Upgrading servers here at Casa Buchan to v8.5 beta 2. Finally, my enthusiasm is kicking in. Code quality on beta two appears to be good (so far, touch wood, nothing killing me), a lot more features complete. And I'm now thinking - 'How to justify to business an upgrade to 8.5'. I know of customers who would upgrade solely for the Domino Attachment and Object Service - DAOS. Others might bite your arm off for the ID vault. Finally - a pain free way of resetting end-user passwords! Dig into the 'whats new' documentation, and you see a new type of roaming. A File Share based roaming!

I've kicked off a discussion on the linkedin Group 'Notes Gurus' - which seems to have a wider reach than just our 'little yellow bubble'. We shall see how that works out.