'Maine: The Whatever State'. Dave Barry explains American Politics...

This had me giggling:

One highlight of Wednesday's roll call was when John Knutson, chairperson of the Maine Democratic Party, said -- and I am not making this quote up -- ``The sun comes up in Maine first in the nation. And we feel very honored to be . . . to have that as our singular . . . whatever. Privilege.''

Maine: The Whatever State.

As a non-American, I can only say that this next election race, which seemed to start around the seventeenth century, might actually finish sometime in November. Or perhaps December. We shall see. This bit:

... But the American nation does not choose its president on the basis of the musical abilities of his party's delegates. The American nation chooses its president based on whether he exhibits certain key leadership qualities, such as height.
caused me some confusion. Surely George W Bush was shorter than the chap with the enormous chin from last time ?