Thunder in the Glens - 2008

Thunder in the Glens - 22

David Clark invited me to join him for a quick day-trip to Aviemore to see this years 'Thunder in the Glens' - a Harley Davidson bike rally, lasting three days. We drove up on the Sunday, just as things were winding down, over some of the best biking roads in Scotland - the Cairn o'mount and the Cockbridge to Tomintoul route.

Some 1,500 bikes rode out on Saturday - the biggest ride-out yet - and bikers came from near and far. We chatted with a couple from Elgin, and then a couple from Newcastle (a good 5 hour ride each way).

The custom bikes were fantasic - click on the flickr photo to see more in the photoset. Do I want one ? Well, on hearing that most of these took 3 HOURS to clean - perhaps no. But a nice midnight v-rod might do the trick. Now where did I put that spare £20,000?