Happy Yellow Day!

Today is Yellow Day! YellowDaySmall.png

Imagine, if you will, a software product:

  • Which runs on a bunch of different computers. Macs, Linux, AIX, Solaris, AS/400, zSeries - and even on Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

  • It stores data in a highly efficient, robust database - and I mean robust. Like 250gb+, millions of records, transaction logging, etc..

  • It has awesome public/private key security and a secure directory built right in. And we're talking industry standard RSA stuff

  • Its an application development platform with a Visual Basic style language, Java, Javascript built right in. And if you want to get down and dirty, C and C++ interfaces.

  • It bolts right into Eclipse for a really cool, extensible client experience.

  • It can run Google Widgets right out of the box. So you can wire your applications together.

  • The Data Store can be replicated. So you can have multiple replicas on separate servers. Servers on Linxux, clients on Mac, All running the same replica of the same data. Disaster recovery ? No worries. Offline copies ? Easy.

  • Applications are created within the data store. So they replicate too. No distribution issues. No DLL's to send out, no 'latest version of application xyz..'

  • Web Client enabled too, so you can run with any shonky old browser you want.

  • Its supported, and licensed by a HUGE company that isnt going to disappear overnight. A company, in fact, that created most of the IT business.

  • Its standards driven. LDAP, SMTP mail, the whole 9 yards.

  • Its standard applications are open-source, so you can take what ships, and start adding to it. Immediately.

  • The data store can sit on top of DB2 - the market leading SQL database.

  • Ajax ? Check. Web Services ? Check.

  • 130m customers already? Banks? Governments? Film Companies?

Sounds pretty awesome, doesnt it ? And its available TODAY ? Yeah. Where ? here

Happy Yellow Day!