MV5BMTczOTA3MzY2N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTYwNjE2MQ@@._V1._SX94_SY140_.jpgThe new Pixar movie - Wall·e - is officailly out this weekend. But *cough* thanks to my blagging skills, I got four free tickets. So at 5am, SWMBO and I got up, took the train to Edinburgh, and roused Warren and Kitty out of bed, before heading to the Ocean Terminal to see it.

Excellent movie. It has real *moods* - which did provoke at least one 'howling kid' near the end. (No, it wasnt me). Animation - as we all expect - is fantastic - and their future vision of humanity is spot on. I believe the right-wing in McMerica is up in arms about it, which means its probably right. Even Buy-n-large - the ficticious supermarket chain in the movie - has its own website.

So. Go see it. As soon as. I suspect we'll see it at least once more in the cinema, and eagerly await the blu-ray release.

One last thing. Another new Pixar short preceeds this movie - "Presto". About a magician and his rabbit. Five minutes of howling with laughter. Unfortuately this short isnt on the new Blu-ray Pixar Shorts disk we bought last week, which is another recommendation. 'Lifted' in high resolution is even funnier, once you can see all the gags.

Here's a preview of Presto from youtube, setting up the characters: