Scotland appears to be sold out of 16gb iPhones..

After some calling around today. Aside from the chaps at the AppleStore in Glasgow, that is, who got back to me and mentioned that they have a few 16gb units left. Unfortunately, they cannot do business sign-up for the O2 network - just personal.

And can I just take this opportunity to say how good the customer service from the Applestore in Glasgow is ? Based on one lease of two macs, almost a year ago, Johnny - the business chap - still remembers my darling daughter, the blog, the BlackBerry obsession, etc. And was kind enough to return a call during the week, and send two follow up eMails yesterday and today - during what must have been a fairly hectic iPhone 2 day.. Dell, take note This is customer service.

Now, all I have to do is lose SWMBO tomorrow in Edinburgh, and I might just be able to sneak an iPhone home.. ;-)

Update: A rather "helpful" Carphone Warehouse person told me yesterday that Carphone Warehouse had received 25,000 iPhones - down from their original allocation of 40,000 iphones - and they were all sold by 11am on Friday morning. The 16gig units disappeared quickly. This doesnt include the iPhones that O2 received, or the fairly small number that the Applestores got at the very last minute. At the stores, they did mention that a lot of folks were upgrading, so this might not all be new customers. Expect a slew of iPhone 1 phones on eBay (524 at 11am on Sunday) very soon.

This does rather indicate that Apple have not been able to keep up with launch demand this time - especially looking at the mobileMe crashes, and the activation server crashes over the last 72 hours.