Healthwise, my weight has went up, my blood pressure down, and I've not smoked since the day before Lotusphere comes to you in Edinburgh. So I've survived iLug, LotusBeer - all without the usual 'have a beer and a fag' urge. Nice. I heartily recommend Champix. It inhibits the nicotine receptor in the brain, but the side effect is depression. Talk to your doctor about it. Certainly worked for me. Now, I need to get rid of four stone of unsightly fat. I think I'll chop my head off..

Dogwise, Lister - the amazing 25 kilo spaniel - passed away a week ago. God the house is quiet without her. She was coming up to her 16th birthday - this week. Goodnight, Lister.

Housewise, all I can say - Grand Tourismo 5 Prelude for the playstation 3 is awesome. Especially as I can race my own car - the Mini Cooper S..

Workwise, the distraction levels are decreasing, and some interesting stuff is happening in terms of Flex and Domino. I'm very tempted to write an article on a 'dummies guide to Domino and Flex'. Interestingly, some very hard things have to happen to build a decent domino application - things such as a decent name-picker. Soon.

And of course, summertime means shorts, sun, and in Scotland - another 15 inches of rain over two days. So my half acre of grass is about a foot tall now, and I think a lost tribe of pygmies are making camp in there.. :-)