Sometimes, I get all maudlin, and wonder "what if".. What if I didnt slavishly follow Lotus Notes as a platform, and use my skills in other fields. What if I actually shut my mouth sometimes and became employable.. What if I could actually work in an office, 9-5 each day, pushing boring bits of work around. What if IBM actually Marketed Lotus Notes (Oh, let not talk about impossibilties, here!) What if I could actually be content?

This has recently got a bit of a hammering, finding out that a number of very senior folks in very large firms whom I thought were enormously happy and content with their jobs, voicing disassfection, etc. So I guess when I saw this cartoon, it kinda summed it all up for me:

Whilst I might be poor, lonely, and listening to Radio 4's womens hour each day, at least I report to one person - SWMBO - who although is technically insane (she married me) and violent (she set fire to me), isnt as mad as some of the decisions routinely handed out by large corporations.

Guess I should actually start trying to enjoy my work a little more, and stop moaning about developing cool stuff whilst wearing shorts, looking out over half an acre of lovely garden, and seeing the local pub at the other side of the garden fence.