My Blog entries for the last year as a keyword map..

Guess what I've been doing for the last year:


Scary, eh. Its the same on-line web-based java summary tool as everyone else has listed. Yeah. I did this last week and have already forgotten where it is. Thank god for Google.

Update: Its

As you can see, most of my blog entries in the last 12 months was about LotusFear. Closely followed by Lotus, iLug, Mac, BlackBerry, etc. God, am I that boring ? And to think I waffled about an event I almost died at (and am seriously considering not going to next year), am probably banned from (crimes against piano bars, and multiple youTube offenses), and unlikely to ever get another speaking slot at every again (but thats a different story. Ask Mooney about the 'eMail award' he presented me with last year).

I've gotta get more interesting stuff on this blog.. Whaddyathink? Ferret Racing ?