I love me Mac

I love me Mac. You see, this is the first laptop I've been able to do this:


What on earth is going on?

  • Top Left Workspace, is OS/X Leopard - naked. With Skype, Notes, all my non-business stuff. Thats notes 8.5 beta basic, BTW. I still cant get 'standard' working, and I dont have time to try.

  • Top Right, is parallels with an image of my old Blingmaster. So I have a Domino server, and Notes 801 (designer, etc) running all the HADSL business stuff.

  • Bottom left, is a current customer work environment running XP under VMWare fusion. Notes 6.0.3 (yeah, seriously!), lots of VPN action, etc.

  • Bottom right is where iTunes lives, feeding me podcasts all day.

All of this on a standard MacBook Pro with 4gb (and a slightly faster hard drive). All day, every day.

Perhaps I'll pursuade the wife I want a under-the-desk Mac Pro, like David Clarks. quad Xenon-quad-core with 32gb of Ram, and a pair of 30" displays... Mmm..