iPhone 2

Lots and lots of stuff on the iPhone 2 which I wont repeat here. Completely amazing device, lovely, etc. And does syncing to MS Exchange, using ActiveSync. I'm guessing that MS froze other platforms off iPhone and cut a deal, and I'm guessing it'll be a while before someone manages to hack something that allows you to get Domino mail on the iPhone. If this is true, then kudos to MS's evil-ness for a really sharp deal. And another nail in Domino's coffin as far as 'enterprise integration' is concerned.

Time for Domino to license ActiveSync ? For Domino to emulate an Exchange server ?

Certainly based on the feedback this week, lots of folks will be working on Something but given the lack of information coming from IBM, I'm guessing it'll be a while before they even decide what they'll do, let alone deliver. Sometimes I envy the MS guys and their pro-active marketing.

Certainly, Steve Jobs and Apple have just dropped another nuclear device on both the eMail industry (and at a stroke transforming .Mac from a joke to a must-have), and on the mobile phone manufacturers. Even BlackBerry must be hurting this morning, which is a huge shame, as BlackBerry have spent years solving the eMail security issue that Apple have completely bypassed. The new BlackBerry bold (I have held one and its amazing) is very lust-worthy.

What is clear to me is that the Exchange Sync capability has blown some iPhone cool-ness (or fairy-dust) over the Exchange server, and yet again thanks to nimble IBM marketing, us Domino geeks are left stranded. Sorta like an ugly version of Lost. Really.

Perhaps this new Lotus CEO (whom we've not seen anything of yet, and heard very little) might transform IBM's strengths in terms of actually getting the message about our fantastic platform out. Its not as if Mike Rhonin could never in a million years be called 'extrovert'. I'm not holding my breath in terms progress, however.

Me ? I'm focusing on developing cool BlackBerry and iPhone apps.. And brushing up my .net skils for more user management platforms.

Update: I didnt mean to bring anyone down. We're still in the position where we have a fantastic product, with extremely cool stuff being delivered in 8.x and 8.5x code streams.