Working for Da Man

Here I am, sitting in my micro-office, window directly in front of me maintaining my (shaky) link with the actual physical world. High point of yesterday was seeing a truck with the lawnmower negotiate the dog track at the front of the house. Yup. I'm suffering from cabin-fever.

Working for a large computer company at the mo - lets call them 'I'm Bad at Marketing'. And I'm horrified as to what normal employees of this company have to go through to achieve connectivity to their customer sites. No less than THREE shaky, unrelable VPN style clients. A good 20 minutes this morning aligning the universe and sacrificing chickens in order to get this working.

This means that my Flex activities are taking somewhat of a back-burner at the moment, which is a shame. I wanted a Flex web-based Rich Internet Application experience for FirM to demo at iLug. You never know, this might still happen. Ironically, the guys out there who coined 'RIA' now prefer 'Rich Client'. Something that us Notes folks were pursuaded was an old-fashioned term some time ago. Everything goes in circles, basically.

In terms of iLug , expect to respond to your confirmation mail over the weekend. This is a free event, and we had a few numpties last year who signed up and didnt show up, thus depriving a few folks on the waitlist of attendance. We do remember who did this and immediately waitlist you next time, so its worth spending the 10 seconds or so hitting the reply button.

The event itself has grown out of all proportions. We're now hiring a truck - not a van - to ship the freebies to the event. We're talking serious freebies here, so remember to pack extra space in your suitcase for the trip back. Warren and Matt are basically dedicated AV guys, and the infamous Coatsie is head of security. He has form in this role, so do as he says.

Phew. So. Just another couple of weeks, and we'll all be supping Guinness in Dublin..