You've been Marykirked!

I live in a wee (< 90 houses) village in the middle of rural Aberdeenshire. Beautiful place, all rivers and hills and full of interesting folk. Last night. SWMBO's mate texted SWMBO and told her to meet them in our local pub - some 35 yards from our front door. Given my previous evenings escapades there with David Clark, I wasnt too sure. A quiet, peaceful night in the pub it isnt - far too many interesting people to talk to, and one of the lads (Mr Happy's) 21st Birthday. So kilts, sporrans and lovely ladies in low cut dresses. One of the best nights out I've had in a while..

However, SWMBO, her friend, and her friends son's girlfriend started on the tequila slammers, sambuka.. Well. SWMBO doesnt do hangovers. She hides in bed, and has just now - at 3pm - surfaced.

Course, I had to point out that it was hard work having that much fun, and it required a rigourous training regime..

Kudos to Gus for being handcuffed and thrown in the back of a Police car just before the event. He still turned up, full highland dress, and insisted on showing the handcuff marks to one and all. Why was he treated thus ? He was towing a trailer with an incorrect registration, and since he has a dodgy knee, cant easily get in or out of the back of a car. Of course, the cops in question decided he was being 'threatening', and threw him in there anywise. Moral of the tale is to just bend over and take one for the team anytime one of our uniformed officers start on their power trips.