Lotus Developer 2008 - The View

Ive now done six hours of presentatons, with only (!!) another three today. And thanks to my new '10 hours sleep a night' rule, feeling relatively human (even if I dont look it!). The undoubted hit of the show has been Zoe - Matt and Jess Strattons angelic 8-month old baby. I can just *see* everyone getting 'broody' around about her.

On the stand with the Old Git yesterday inbetween torturing delegates with bad jokes - lots of fun. We somehow got a stand next to a bar - dunno how that happened - and our stand giveaways - Fazermints and whisky - seems to be unusual enough to draw a crowd. So lots of fun.

Jamie and the guys ran their annual room party last night - half of the conference were jammed into a suite drinking beer and smearing food into the carpet. Goood party, and I'm sorry about the 'silence of the lambs' gag.

Paul Mooney flies back tomorrow night, so I suspect tonight might be 'party night' which is quite terrifying. However, I do have a secret weapon - the name and location of a decent, old fashioned 'dive' bar around the corner from the hotel..

Oh. And as an incentive to get presentations in on time (I failed miserably in this regard), the speaker who got all his presentations finished first got the presidential suite. Awesome. I mean, one of the beds was big enough to accomodate half a dozen speakers bouncing on it. And Julian - I'm sorry if your alarm went off at 6.30am this morning.. Or your rooms were heated to ninety degrees.. ;-)

Appestore news. The new 'Green Monster' applestore is on the street beside the hotel, taunting me. The construction staff mentioned (*cough*) in passing that its opening on the 16th of May. Pity, as I'll be back in rural scotland by then.. Sigh..