ISO 29500 Compliance failure: Word 2007

Remember when Microsoft forced through its own ISO standard for the office 2007 file format, despite huge protests and some very dubious voting practices. Well, it transpires that someone actually tested Word 2007 against the ISO standard, and found it wasnt complant.

Let me just pause there whilst we all ponder the significance of this. Microsoft pushed this standard through ISO, strongarming and politicking as much as it could, in order to say that its office suite was 'standards compliant'. Everyone else who saw this ungodly mess basically pointed out that the file format itself could only ever be implemented by Microsoft, so badly was the standard and the file format written. And now, Microsoft cant even comply with the standard which they steamrollered through!

Which part of this whole fiasco erodes your confidence in Microsoft management the most? Forcing through the standard? Failing to ensure that it could be broadly implemented? Failing to actually adhere to it? Or just plain and simple General Stupidity?

I wouldnt place much long-term faith in Microsoft as an organisation capable of delivering. Not if I wanted a long-term career.