Paypal sucks

Paypal really sucks. Why ?

  • Once you hit some random figure - say £600 or so - in terms of buying, you have to 'verify your account'. Till then its all been instant payment.

  • To verify your account, you need to wait 5-7 days for two mystery transactions to appear. You then key in those numbers, and it should be validated. Oh, and whilst this is taking place, all your outstanding transactions are either cancelled or changed from 'instant' to eCheque - something that takes 10 days to clear.

  • In the meantime, your merrily eMailing the ebay senders - after all your eBay account says its been paid, right ?

  • Wrong. Despite validating your bank account, you then also have to fill in a random survey, and then wait 24 hours in order to validate your address.

  • After jumping (quite unprompted - it doesnt tell you clearly whats going on) - the validation is a case of them dialing your home number, and you keying in some digits from the screen. Which is fine.. Until.

  • You find your daughter is on the phone, and of course the call fails. F&^k!. So. They then SEND you via the snail mail, a letter with a random number on it - which takes ANOTHER TWO WEEKS!

As Charlie Brown would say: AUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!. And of course, all this to get the stuff I need to get a mates broadband connection up and running. (Dont as I did actually call Paypal support and expect to get some help on this.. )

Surely in this day and age, an internet-only payment service such as paypal would actually work? Is there an alternative ?